Hello, you may have stumbled onto this page, and I will be talking about different tactics and ship designs. First off, you have your ship, what do you want it to accomplish? Do you want a long range carrier, or a close combative battleship, or something in between? Carriers rely on their fighters and bombers to act as the main distraction, destroying missiles and drawing fire, allowing for your own missiles and weapons to shoot with ease. These ships generally do not need point defense, however, it is wise to buy some. "Battleships" are my personal favorite, as you can put many guns, and are very deadly in a close quarters engagement. Equip your Main Guns first, then, add point defense. If you have the cash, get a supporting carrier for your battleship, as it is very effective. Feel free to ask questions in this box.

PROTIP: For your first playthrough. Buy 1 enery cannon and 1 projectile cannon at start, ignore the directional points and hannger bays. After you have a sizable amount of scrap, then you can buy laser fighters and enjoy the game from there.

Questions Answers Helpful?
Which Point Defence is best for what situation? ex. Lasers have highest damage but longer reload, which should I use? Lasers are best against small numbers of enemy missiles & rockets, two can stop most from ever reaching you. Gatlings are best in groups (4 min recommended) as they can stop large numbers of projectiles that are not clumped together. However these are very spray and pray and must be upgraded (hull) to be effective. Bolters are the middle ground, as they are not nearly as surgical as lasers at stopping missiles/rockets, but get three of them firing quickly and you can make a very effective bullet wall against incoming projectiles.
I prefer lasers as main weapons. What other weapons shall I buy if I want to make a medium range vessel?

(-laser+projectiles- or laser+ energy weapons-or others?)

I currently using nuke and laser combo with lasers as point defence and shield boost or shield drones.